In our world, great hair is our mantra because there is no such thing as a good day if you are having a bad hair day! Hair has played a role in people’s self image since the beginning of modern civilisation – think Cleopatra’s luscious head of black hair, Samson the great with his long flowing mane, Marilyn Monroe’s platinum waves, Princess Diana with her sandy feathered shag, Twiggy with her pixie cut, Beyonce’s ever-evolving glamorous locks, the list is endless.

Biologically, the health of your hair is considered to be reflective of your inner health, sensuality, and virility- that’s why we go to extremes to prevent hair loss, thinning, and greying. Hair is our natural adornment, it frames our face and is part of the very first impression we give to the outside world. We all know how frustrating and distressing slow-growing, damaged, dehydrated, or brittle hair can be, and heaven forbid dandruff, premature greying or hair loss!

We now have another ace up our sleeve, one that will give you great hair from the inside out, in between your salon visits. Welcome to your apotecari bioactive hair care journey.